Good Ale.

Making the world better through beer.

"Our hope is to redeem and reclaim what beer really is - a centre for community, a craft to enjoy, and a drink to really taste.  We also believe that together we can bring change to a world that desperately needs it."

Thanks for doing good.

100% of profits go to empowering Tanzanian families living in poverty. It gives them a hand up to live on their own two feet. So feel good drinking it, knowing your money goes to a good place.

Your money changes lives. We see Tanzanian families actually move themselves out of poverty, grow a business, hire staff members, increase their happiness, put good food on the table and their children through school. They find dignity and status in society. And ultimately, they can raise a healthy family forever, independent of us.


It's so far from where they came - living in desperate poverty with a dangerously malnourished child. Without your help, that child would've almost certainly died.

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The beer.

Good Ale is inspired by the brightness and vibrancy of Tanzania ~ taking us to a hammock by the beach in Zanzibar or enjoying a sunset while on Safari. It’s fruity, refreshing and full of good vibes, because by drinking it you’ve helped make a change in a world that desperately needs it.


Cheers to change!

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Natrually brewing beer in the Southern Highlands, NSW Australia.


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Eden Brewery


A registered Australian charity empowering families in Tanzania.


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